Senior Outing Offerings *Newly UPDATED*

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2017 Senior Trips is a Tenative Schedule.  All trips are paid in advance and non-refundable.

Mrs. Wick’s Pie Factory Tour


Date:           April 18, 2018

Time:          7:30 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         7:45 AM Senior Center

Place:          217 Greenville Ave., Winchester IN 800-642-5880

Lunch:       Wick’s Pie Restaurant, Winchester IN 800-642-5880

Cost:           $5.00 for the Tour and $15.00 for Transportation

RSVP by:  March 28, 2018   (Reservations and money must be turned in by the 28th.)


**Please NO:  jewelry, watches, purses, shorts, or open-toe shoes please**

From raising pigs to starting a trucking company, Duane “Wick” Wickersham was always a hard working entrepreneur. On September 2, 1944, Wick was making a delivery to a local factory in Winchester, IN, and upon arrival noticed a commotion; an employee had spent his lunch hour at the pub and returned intoxicated. In his impaired state the employee caused an accident that shut down production. Wick overheard the plant managers complaining about how often their employees were getting intoxicated during their lunch break, and Wick suggested that they open a café inside the facility so employees would stay for lunch. A week later, the owners of the factory called Wick and asked if he would like to open that cantina. After a successful first year, he sold the cantina to the factory and started The Rainbow Restaurant in downtown Winchester.

Using many of his Grandmother’s recipes, Wick was successful with his new restaurant. The pies were such a hit (especially Sugar Cream Pie) that he started delivering them out of a 1934 Buick Sedan. Wick reached his goal of producing and selling 300 pies per day after just 4 years. Through hard work and word of mouth, the demand for Wick’s pies outgrew his capacity, and he needed to scale his production.

In 1961, Wick purchased a building just East of downtown Winchester and built his new production line which featured a nitrogen freezing process that allowed for the shipment of frozen pies. We still reside at 217 SE Greenville Ave in Winchester, where we now make 10,000 pies and over 30,000 pie shells in an 8-hour shift.

Like many family businesses, Wick employed his own children to help grow the company. Wick’s daughter, Paulette was hired in 1983 to work in production and retire as HR manager in 2006. Her son, Rob Kelly, has been with us since 1990 and is now our plant manager. In 1985, Mike Wickersham joined his father at Wick’s Pies and became our new company president. Mike’s son, Dylan, was brought on in 2014 for sales, social media and marketing. In 1990, Marsha Wickersham, Wick’s Daughter, joined Wick’s Pies to head up sales. Together, the family has grown Wick’s Pies by staying true to Wick’s values of making the highest quality product while providing great customer service. Today we employ more than 70 people who are part of the Wick’s Pies family.

Tin Caps Baseball Game


Date:           May 17, 2018

Time:          5:00 PM at Senior Center

Leave:         5:30 PM Senior Center

Place:          Tin Caps Stadium, Fort Wayne

Lunch:        At the Stadium

Cost:            $15.00 for tickets (price includes hot dog, chips and drink)

Transportation:   Donation

RSVP by:  May 2, 2018 (Reservations and money must be turned in by the 2nd.)

Round Barn Presents:     Mamma Mia! Musical


Date:           June 14, 2018

Time:         10:30 AM at Senior Center

Leave:        11:00 AM at Senior Center

Place:         Round Barn, Nappanee

Lunch:       Round Barn Restaurant, at 12:30 PM

Cost:           $28.00 for lunch (all you can eat) and the play.   Transportation is by donation.

RSVP by:  May 30, 2018   (Reservations and money must be turned in by the 30th.)


“Mamma Mia” has recently been released to regional theatres and The Round Barn Theatre is among the first in the nation to bring it to local audiences. The Smash Hit jukebox musical’s name is taken from ABBA’s 1975 chart-topper "Mamma Mia". It includes such hits as "Super Trouper", "Lay All Your Love on Me", "Dancing Queen", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", "Take a Chance on Me", "Thank You for the Music", "Money, Money, Money", "The Winner Takes It All", "Voulez-Vous", "SOS" and the title track. Over 60 million people have seen the show, which has grossed $2 billion worldwide since its 1999 debut.

Sweetwater Sound


Date:           July 24, 2018

Time:          11:30 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         12:00 PM at Senior Center

Place:          Sweetwater Sound, Ft. Wayne Indiana

Dinner:       At the cafeteria followed by a 1 hour tour at 2pm.

Cost:           Free Tour.  Transportation by donation.

RSVP by:  July 11, 2018    (Reservations must be turned in by the 11th.)

South Bend Chocolate Factory Tour & Indiana Whiskey Company Tour


Date:           August 16, 2018

Time:          8:00 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         8:30 AM at Senior Center

Place:          Chocolate Factory   3300 W. Sample St., South Bend IN   800-301-4961

Place:          Indiana Whiskey Company, 1115 W. Sample St., So. Bend IN 574-520-1915

Lunch:        Simeri’s Old Town Tap,    1505 W. Indiana Ave.  South Bend 574-289-1361

Cost:           $5.00 for Chocolate Tour and Lunch at your own cost. 

Cost:           $5.00 for Indiana Whiskey Company Tour.  And Transportation cost is $10.00

RSVP by:  August 3, 2018 (Reservations and money must be turned in by the 3rd.)


South Bend Chocolate Factory


Children of any age will find a visit to our factory and Chocolate Museum one sweet trip. The 58,000-square-foot factory and museum is located at our corporate office at 3300 West Sample Street in South Bend, Indiana. Visitors who take the basic factory tour are treated to a history lesson of chocolate and its origins, as a guide leads guests through all of the factory processes, including panning, enrobing and more, including a test sample at the end.

Along the way, visitors are encouraged to ask questions and even talk to our cooks! Though much like Willy Wonka, we do not reveal any of our secret recipes nor can Seńor Koko Bean, our mascot, divulge either. (Koko knows a lot about chocolate, but nothing about the recipes really. We keep them hidden in a vault.)

For those wishing to take the extended “Inside Scoop” tour you will dip a chocolate spoon and walk through the Chocolate Museum.

The Chocolate Museum is home to one of the largest collections of chocolate memorabilia in the world, including a 1,300-year-old Mayan chocolate pot among the hundreds of tins, containers and chocolate boxes of all shapes and sizes. The collection extensively features American chocolate companies.

Indiana Whiskey Company

THE INDIANA WHISKEY COMPANY is a distillery that produces truly excellent, small-batch whiskeys. Everything that touches your whiskey is made in Indiana: our stills, our grains, everything.  That way, every dollar Hoosiers pay stays in our state.

WE ARE VETERAN OWNED AND OPERATED and support the men and women who have made the world safe for democracy. Our founder is a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, a life member of the VFW and DAV, and has a lasting respect for the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who’ve given so much of themselves for our Nation. To give back, we have a relationship with the Chapter 31 VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program for Northern Indiana, we volunteer with and donate to the Miller Center for Veterans at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend, and provide paid internships for transitioning veterans. 3% of all profits go to Veterans Support Programs and Organizations in our State.

INDIANA RESIDENTS spend over $100M a year on whiskeys that come from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Canada. But we have our own rich tradition of manufacturing and agriculture, our corn is second to none, and our sheet metal workers have been making the world’s best cars, RVs, and equipment for generations. It’s about time for a whiskey that’s made in our own backyard and that Hoosiers can be proud of.

Grissom Air Force Base Tour at Bunker Hill


Date:           September 13, 2018

Time:          7:15 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         7:45 AM at Senior Center

Place:          Bunker Hill, Peru Indiana

Lunch:        Dutch Café

Cost:            $15.00 for Transportation.  Tour is Free.

RSVP by:  August 29, 2018   (Reservations and money must be turned in by the 29th.)

The inside Tour is about 30 minutes and the Outside Tour is about 1 ˝ hours.  There will be lots of walking!

The base was renamed on May 12, 1968 after Lieutenant Colonel Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, a native of Mitchell, Ind., who was one of the original seven astronauts. Colonel Grissom was killed during a fire in his Apollo capsule while still on the launching pad at Cape Kennedy, Fla.

On Jan. 1, 1970, the 305th Bomb Group was replaced by the 305th Air Refueling Wing and Grissom became one of the largest tanker bases in the country. The Air Force Reserve became part of the Grissom community in 1971 when the 434th Special Operations Wing and its A-37 aircraft moved to the base. For the next 23 years Grissom was home to both active duty and reserve personnel.

In 1978, a second Air Force Reserve unit joined the scene. At the height of its operations, the base was home to one active duty wing and two Air Force Reserve units. Due to changes in the Air Force mission, two units (one reserve, one active duty) were deactivated in 1994

Round Barn Presents:   Happy Days Musical


Date:           October 11, 2018

Time:          10:30 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         11:00 AM at Senior Center

Place:          Round Barn, Nappanee Indiana

Lunch:        Round Barn Restaurant, at 12:30 PM

Cost:            $28.00 includes the play and all-you-can-eat lunch.  Transportation by donation.

RSVP by:  September 28, 2018.  (Reservations and money need to be turn in by the 28th.)


Goodbye gray skies, hello blue! Happy days are here again with Richie, Potsie, Ralph Malph and the unforgettable "king of cool" Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli. Based on the hit Paramount Pictures television series, “Happy Days-A New Musical” reintroduces one of America's best loved families, the Cunninghams -- yes, Howard, Marion and Joanie are here too -- to a whole new generation of kids and parents. The famed drive-in malt shop and number one hangout, Arnold's, is in danger of demolition. So the gang teams up to save it with a dance contest and a TV-worthy wrestling match. Even Pinky Tuscadero, Fonzie's childhood sweetheart, returns to help and -- lo and behold! -- they rekindle their old flame. “Happy Days-A New Musical,” comes from the amazing music from Oscar-winner Paul Williams and a book by the TV series original creator Garry Marshall. Return to the days of 1959 Milwaukee complete with varsity sweaters, hula hoops and jukebox sock-hoppin' fun.

Four Winds Casino, South Bend


Date:           November 13, 2018

Time:          8:00 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         8:30 AM at Senior Center

Place:          3300 Prairie Rd., South Bend Indiana  866-494-6371

Lunch:        At the Casino.

Cost:           Transportation cost will be $10.00.

RSVP by:  November 2, 2018   (Reservations and money need to be turned in by the 2nd.)

Round Barn Presents:   Annie the Musical


Date:           December 6, 2018

Time:          10:30 AM at Senior Center

Leave:         11:00 AM at Senior Center

Place:          Round Barn, Nappanee Indiana

Lunch:        Round Barn Restaurant, at 12:30 PM

Cost:            $28.00 includes the play and all-you-can-eat lunch.  Transportation by donation.

RSVP by:  November 21, 2018   (Reservations and money need to be turned in by the 21st.)

Leapin' Lizards! The irrepressible comic strip heroine takes center stage in one of the world's best-loved musicals. Based on the popular comic strip by Harold Gray, Annie has become a worldwide phenomenon and was the winner of seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical and features some of the greatest musical theatre hits ever written, including "Tomorrow."

With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone's hearts despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. She is determined to find the parents who abandoned her years ago on the doorstep of a New York City Orphanage that is run by the cruel, embittered Miss Hannigan. With the help of the other girls in the Orphanage, Annie escapes to the wondrous world of NYC. In adventure after fun-filled adventure, Annie foils Miss Hannigan's evil machinations... and even befriends President Franklin Delano Roosevelt! She finds a new home and family in billionaire, Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary, Grace Farrell, and a lovable mutt named Sandy.