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Thank You AEP Foundation for the $50,000 grant for our new Senior Center.


American Electric Power provided a some financial juice to the Noble County Council on Aging’s senior center project, announcing a $50,000 grant Tuesday.

Inside the vacant shop at the old Max Platt dealership at the corner of Main and Iddings streets, with the subtle fuel smell of an overhead heater in the air of the unfinished space, Council on Aging leaders gladly accepted the funds for a project that continues to hit hurdles.

Every time the organization thinks it has enough money for the project, something happens and it needs a little more. But now the group is rapidly closing on the cash needed to renovate the old dealership and add an expansion.

Executive director Cherish Smith thanked AEP for its help in the project, which aims to renovate the existing building, add another 3,500 square feet to the west side along Iddings Street and build a pocket park at the corner with Main Street.

Toby Thomas, president and chief operating officer for Indiana Michigan Power, said the grant is from the company’s “basic needs” program, which helps provide money to projects that serve the community. A new senior center will greatly serve the community, which made the project a perfect fit for the grant award.

“Thank you for what you do for the community,” Thomas said. “We’re committed to helping the community thrive and grow.”

Regan Ford, Kendallville city councilman and president of the Council on Aging Board, appreciated the gift from AEP.

I’m really excited about what we’re getting ready to do on this property,” he said.

Barb Wolf, a volunteer at the council office, told the gathered group about some of what the Council on Aging offers, including card games, carry-in luncheons, senior health screenings, clinics and trips. That’s on top of the Noble Transit the organization offers, providing low-cost public transportation for the community.

The group is still doing some fundraising, as another gap remains between the money on hand and the cost of the senior center project.

In May, the council announced it had to return a $500,000 grant it won from the state and had planned to use to renovate an old foundry office on Ohio Street into a new senior center.

It took the Council on Aging three years to win the grant and, in that time, the foundry building deteriorated to the point that fixing it would cost even more than anticipated. The expected price of the renovation was upward of $1 million.

So the organization regrouped and formed a plan to grow at the old dealership, which had been given to the group for a place to park its transport vans.

With about $500,000 in the bank in fall, it anticipated being able to start construction early this year. But when it got prices on the project in February, those were now upward of $870,000.

So it was back to the fundraising board once again. The $50,000 grant, along with a $25,000 gift from the Community Foundation of Noble County, has helped the new effort along.

Still, the quarrelsome project may need to be tackled a bit at a time to ensure that it gets done, Smith said.

“We’re looking at potentially, we may have to do it in two phases,” Smith said Tuesday.

In the parking lot along Main Street, a painted board shows the progress of the latest fundraising push. The organization hosted a garage sale over the weekend — raised about $2,300 from the successful event, too — and had more work ahead to get the last of the money it needs.

So the senior center is getting closer to being a reality. The group just has a little more to go. The community, Smith hopes, will help them get over the hump this year.

“We can’t do any of this without you,” Smith said.


Thank You Community Foundation for the $25,000 grant for our new Senior Center.


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            Noble County Council on Aging and Noble Transit

            Noble County Council on Aging and Noble Transit